Paranormal Documentary To Find Out Real Story Behind 'The Conjuring'


With Halloween coming closer and closer, more spooky movies and documentaries are being released.

Canadian network T+E's forthcoming two-part documentary Bathsheba: Search For Evil is one of them.

If you are thinking to yourself that that name sounds familiar, that's probably right!

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James Wan's 2013 hit horror movie The Conjuring was based on real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren's real case, about a house being haunted by the spirit of a woman going by the name of Bathsheba Sherman.

The owners of the Rhode Island farmhouse, where the haunted Perron family lived then, claim that is still haunted.

Are you excited to see more about this case? Let us know!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
09-10-2021 1 min read
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