Pete Wentz Teases New Fall Out Boy Video, 'Lake Effect Kid' EP And More

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Remember how Fall Out Boy started off the "M A N I A" era with that iconic To Do List? Well, they are far from done!

Apparently you can never have too many of those, as Pete Wentz has casually posted a photo as part of a Twitter conversation, which shows a current To Do List featuring some exciting points!

First of all, it includes the next Fall Out Boy release which is going to be a music video for their track "Bishop's Knife Trick".

But hold up, that is by far not all!

There's more where that came from, like for example the point "Lake Effect Kid EP: Record and Design", which is crossed off the list!

You know what that means...

​According to the list, the band has actually professionally recorded the fan favourite "Lake Effect Kid". As of now, the track only exists as a demo version on a mixtape, which was meant to get fans hyped for the release of "Folie a Deux" back in 2008.

So in conclusion, Fall Out Boy are up to quite a ot behind the scenes and things are looking pretty damn exciting!

Are you as hyped as we are for what's to come? What do you think the video and the EP are going to look like? Feel free to let us know!

You can take a trip down memory lane and listen to the demo of "Lake Effect Kid" below.
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