PHOTO REVIEW: Escape The Fate Take "I Am Human" Promotion To Excited Amsterdam Crowd

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​Escape The Fate are one of the most steady bands the scene has to offer in terms of releasing new music and touring the globe in order to support it. With each of their new albums, the band travels the globe at least once in a headliner capacity, at least in Europe. Last time, Escape The Fate announced their album "Hate Me" simultaneously with a whole bunch of tour dates across Europe happening just following the release of this record. This time around, the band came to Europe just prior to releasing their highly anticipated new record "I Am Human", which was recently delayed from a 16 February release, to a 30th of March release.

Escape The Fate played the small room in de Melkweg, Amsterdam on the "Hate Me" tourcycle, but given the show was sold out, this time they played the Max, once again.
The venue wasn't packed, but that did not stop Escape The Fate from absolutely tearing up the room. Their setlist was filled with hit songs from all ETF era's, including tracks like "Ashley" and the ragingly popular "This War Is Ours".

Instrumentally, Escape The Fate perform as a well-oiled machine, as you would've hoped from a band with almost 15 years of experience under their belt.
They've been through quite a few line-up changes in these years, but their current line-up has been going strong for years now and the music is only getting better.
Except from playing shows from older albums, of course they also played a bunch of tracks from the upcoming record "I Am Human", which will release late March.
Singles "Do You Love Me" and title track "I Am Human" showed the band has grown quite a bit since their latest (2015) record "Hate Me".
The album was finalized about 8 months ago, founding drummer Robert Ortiz shared with us in an interview prior to their set, which clarifies why the new tracks' performances are already airtight.

All-in-all, Escape The Fate's return to The Netherlands was a show to remember, even though it was a tad short. The band only played a total of 15 tracks, which included a cover of My Chemical Romance's "Dead!", which was featured on Rock Sound's special The Black Parade cover album. The musicians clearly had fun performing a collection of the most popular tracks from their discography, and were stoked to see the audience's reaction to the new tracks.

Let's hope Escape The Fate actually come back once more after the release of the new record, so we can have hear some more tracks of the new record in a live capacity.
We were there for the entire show and photographed the band's magnificent performance. All photos by Eva van Kuik can be checked out in the gallery below!
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