PHOTO REVIEW: Paramore's Glorious European Return

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​Its been a long time coming, but Paramore finally made their long-awaited return to Europe and more specifically to The Netherlands. After years of absence, Paramore came out swinging with the new record 'After Laughter' and the tour that followed in order to support this release. Of course a stop in the Netherlands was inevitable, and eventhough the downgrade in venue capacity from last time, Paramore sold out the place in a few hours, resulting in a queue longer than any queue we have ever seen even hours prior to the opening of the venue.

Paramore's focus was undeniably with the new album 'After Laughter', as many of the tracks played that night were taken from this record. Of course the majority of the old fan favourites were performed aswell, however big hits such as 'crushcrushcrush' and 'Ignorance' remained absent this night.

Not as if this could kill the fun though. Many attendees were already up-to-date on the lyrics of the new tracks and many of the songs were sung back to the band at the top of their longues. 

While Paramore's return was glorious, their performance lacked a certain wow-factor. Of course the band performed as tightly as ever and Hayley Williams' vocals will never get old, but besides for the 'Misery Business' performance, in which the band invited a fan on stage to perform the track together with the band, Paramore didn't have many tricks of their sleeves. No cool backdrop, no interludes, no medleys, no spectacular light effects. Many fans left the venue satisfied nonetheless, as it has been a few years since Paramore visited The Netherlands, but they were not wowed.

All-in-all, Paramore's return was long overdue, and we're hoping that the gap between this performance and their next won't be as big as the previous one. Paramore are still loved and next time around, we're expecting the venue in which they'll take their hopefully higher production valued liveshow to be bigger.. a lot bigger.

Check out Eva van Kuik's many photos of the evening below & let us know if you've seen Paramore on their current tour!
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