Photo Review: Pierce The Veil @ De Melkweg, Amsterdam


Pierce The Veil are currently on tour through Europe to support the release of their latest album 'Misadventures'.
On this tour, the immensely popular post-hardcore band made a stop in Amsterdam to perform in front of approximately 1250 of their Dutch fans in a beyond packed room.

On this tour, they've taken both Letlive. and Creeper with them to warm up the crowd. We witnessed the sets from Letlive. and Pierce The Veil and were able to make photos. Hereby, we'd like to show you the photos we've taken at this wonderful night.

All photos by Eva van Kuik


Pierce The Veil:
Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
20-11-2016 4 mins read
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