PHOTO REVIEW: Stone Sour & The Pretty Reckless Bring Rock N' Roll Brilliance To Eindhoven

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Stone Sour finally made their way back to Europe in order to promote the release of their new record "Hydrograd". The last time the band were in The Netherlands was back in 2013, and the band has embraced quite the amount of new fans in the last couple of years. For this show, the band booked the venue Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, which has a capacity of well over 4.000 concert attendees, which was beyond packed for this killer line-up.

As support act, Stone Sour brought along the immensely popular rock 'n roll band The Pretty Reckless, fronted by charismatic Taylor Momsen, who swapped her acting career for a rockstar lifestyle a few years ago. The Pretty Reckless have 3 records under their belt, with their latest effort "Who You Selling For", releasing late last year.

The Pretty Reckless warmed the crowd up for an hour, which was no surprise, as many of the attendees also or even exclusively came out to watch the band surrounding Momsen perform. Stone Sour closed out the night with a set lasting well-over 1,5 hours.

We were present for both stellar performances and made an amazing amount of shots of both acts! Check the The Pretty Reckless & Stone Sour shots by Eva van Kuik in the galleries below!
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