Photo Review: Suicide Silence & Caliban @ Dynamo, Eindhoven

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It was quite the evening we spent in the venue Dynamo on Thursday night. As many of the Dynamo nights are, this one too was filled with brutal metal bands.
More specifically, Like Rats To Wolves, Any Given Day, Suicide Silence & Caliban were there to show off some of their most favourite tracks to an almost sold-out audience.
This tour had direct support from Suicide Silence but with the amount of time they played and the massive amount of attendees with Suicide Silence merch, it felt like it was a co-headliner.
Therefore, we have chosen to treat it like one and show you some of the photos we've taken from both bands!
Dynamo has no such thing as a 'photopit' and as you can imagine, it's not like everyone's standing around doing nothing when deathcore and metal bands are playing. Standing in the crowd to make some photos can be tricky!
Nevertheless, we were there, with camera equipment and had an amazing time.

Check out the photos from Suicide Silence & Caliban below!

All photos by Glenn van den Bosch

Suicide Silence:
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