PHOTO REVIEW: Waterparks Play A SOLD OUT Show in New York City

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What keeps us coming back to a Waterparks show? The music of course, but also the members of the band. When watching Waterparks, you feel like you’re watching your best friends on stage. Awsten Knight is constantly joking around with fans in the crowd and telling stories, making you feel like you’ve known him your entire life. He even went on to play, “Sweet Child O' Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses probably over 7 times, knowing it would crack everyone up or even annoy them. Annoy them in a good way though, kinda like the one friend that you adore too much that you can never get mad at.

It was hilarious to watch because honestly, some people got so confused about what was going on. At one point we all ended up singing “The National Anthem.” No, I do not know why. But hey, it was a cute patriotic moment! But that’s what makes it a Waterparks show. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you know you’re going to smile A LOT.

You can tell how happy Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood were to be there, as Otto had his face when he was younger as the background at one part of the show (it was silly), and Geoff happily rocked out, while still paying attention to the crowd. Although they don’t talk as much as Awsten, it’s all the little things that they do to show they care about their fans throughout the show. And let’s not forget all the guitar picks that were thrown, along with the Limited Edition New York City hoodie that was available to purchase to the first 200 people at the show.

With songs like “Watch What Happens Next,” “Easy To Hate,” and “Turbulent” along with classics like “Blonde," "Stupid For You," and “Lucky People” on the setlist, this was one of their best shows yet. It was so simple yet very well done. And extra points to whoever thought of the lighting to make Awsten’s hair glow neon green in the dark throughout the show. It truly was the icing on top.

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