POLL: Vote For Your Favourite Track Off Of Vessel

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Another anniversary is among us. 
It was exactly 4 years ago today when Twenty One Pilots released the masterpiece that is 'Vessel'.
We figured it would be nice to continue our newest tradition, to make a poll about the birthday album.
With that being said, what is your favourite 'Vessel' track?

Vote your favourite track to victory in the poll below:
    ##What is your favourite song off of 'Vessel'?
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Musicians & singers
Harrie van der Lubbe
Harrie van der Lubbe
Creative Developer
I'm the ONE that might be able to help you If you have difficult technical questions
Pouya Alikhani
Pouya Alikhani
$ 0.12 PM
Studying biomedicine
I'm the ONE who enjoys interacting, teaching and learning
Hamdy  Mbaye
Hamdy Mbaye
$ 0.09 PM
I'm the ONE je suis l'one
Betelhem Desta
Betelhem Desta
$ 0.06 PM
software enginner
I'm the ONE who loves to see the smile on people
Erinn Munga
Erinn Munga
$ 0.83 PM
Work, my kids
I'm the ONE Iv lost a daughter, my mind and my ability to be normal.