LIVE REVIEW: Powerwolf & Gloryhammer Showcase New Albums For Sold-Out Tilburg Crowd


After a very successful show last year, Powerwolf returned to The Netherlands on this cold November evening to play in front of an impressive sold-out Tilburg 013 crowd of 3.000 fans.

For these European shows, Powerwolf are joined by another established name in this scene: Gloryhammer. With these two groups filled with first-class entertainers, this show in a sold-out room was bound to be spectacular.

Gloryhammer kicked off the evening at precisely 19:30. Even though they are ‘just’ the opening act, Gloryhammer are scheduled to play a set of an hour, which is almost as long as their headliner set.


Gloryhammer have recently released a new album titled ‘Legends from Beyond the Galactic: Terrorvortex’ and came to support this release, as well as entertain the fans with their popular hits, such as ‘Angus Mcfife’ and ‘Universe on Fire’. While an acquired taste, Gloryhammer are without a shadow of a doubt entertainers from the top-shelf and their live show is as eccentric as it is entertaining. With props and costumes and even the occasional appearance of a mythical creature such as a goblin, Gloryhammer’s hour-long set was filled with surprises. Musically, however, it wasn’t as great as the last time the band came to The Netherlands. The microphone wasn’t as loud as the instruments, which sometimes made it very difficult to hear vocalist and frontman Thomas Winkler over all the noise. This made for a less than optimal experience, but that happens at live shows! This difference in volume, however, decreased over time. I don’t know whether this was due to the ears getting used to it, or that the tuning was adjusted during the performance but either way - great!

Gloryhammer’s performance is a treat to both ears as well as eyes, but don’t take my word for it. Check out Eva van Kuik her photos from the performance!


At 21:00 sharp, the reason why the majority of the people came out to Tilburg on this evening began their set with a hugely excited crowd. Powerwolf spared no expense on the decor, as the stage was completely filled with impressive props, a very extensive backdrop (which would even be changed out for a second equally impressive backdrop) and pyro build-in, as well as handheld pyro guns.

Kicking off the set with the popular song ‘Fire and Forgive’, Powerwolf immediately made great use of their pyro installs and they were off to a fiery start. Throughout the set, Powerwolf would change some props throughout the performance, with the highlight being the very bright light-up cross that was summoned onto the stage during the band’s performance of ‘Killers With The Cross’.


Besides impressive props left and right, Powerwolf also did not sell short in the crowd participation department. During ‘Armata Strigoi’, the crowd was asked to participate in a lengthy sing-a-long. The band’s performance was impeccable and quite the sight for sore eyes.

Check out Eva van Kuik her photos from the performance below!


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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
11-11-2019 3 mins read
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