LIVE REVIEW: Against The Current Rock the Riverside (27/9/18)


Imagine you’re in a dark room. Neon lights behind the bar to your right emit a red glow which feels both gritty and comfortable. Around you are people of all ages, and you can see glimpses of glitter on cheeks and scatterings of brightly coloured hair between the figures – they act as lights themselves. There’s a sense of comradery; you’re all there for the same reason and you’ve all braved the bitter night air and the recent rains to get here. 

Then the music playing over the speakers fades and you know it’s about to start. The stage is glowing with pastel pinks, lilacs, soft whites, and subtle blues and everyone around you begins to cheer giddily as Against The Current file onto the stage, and begin to fill the room with sound.  

Will Ferri and Dan Gow take the stage first and build up the sound. They create a dreamy, hypnotic atmosphere that pulls in the crowd mentally while physically the drum beat buzzes through the floor, up your body, and somehow becomes a part of your own pulse. You’re hooked in at once.  As the song 'Strangers Again' is introduced the stage is graced by the presence of Chrissy Costanza to a chorus of excited fans who are thrilled to see their favourite band together as a whole. 

Her voice is strong, smooth, and in perfect pitch, sounding every bit as beautiful as it does in their studio recordings but with the addition of her energy onstage. She is a powerful, entrancing force who owns the stage and commands the respect of the room in a way which feels effortless. Those who have attempted to perform on any stage will know how difficult it really is to achieve this, which highlights just how significant this achievement is. 

There is a constant dream-like atmosphere filling the room which cleverly keeps you immersed in the performance and aids in the flow between songs which still making sure each song is distinctive. While this atmosphere is always here there’s an undeniable presence of the alternative influences in the warm yet punky guitars, drums, and catchy melodies.  

This show in particular was important to the band, as Costanza pointed out, because it marked the end of an era for them. At midnight that night their latest record would be released, and the spiritual part of their lives which is 'In Our Bones' would pass the torch to 'Past Lives'.  

There was anticipation for the future as an unreleased song from the record called 'Come Alive' was performed. The song is a undeniably catchy with the presence of drums and shimmering cymbals being very prominent, giving it a sparkling punch you just want to dance to.  

This was followed later in the set for a performance of the title track of 'In Our Bones’ which felt very ceremonial. This was the most intimate feeling song of the show. Its purpose was clear; to say goodbye to a core part of their 'past life' and show it love before moving forward to something new. 

Against The Current are a band everyone should try to see live at least once. There’s an atmosphere at their shows that is totally unique. They’re both otherworldly and down to earth, and they put on a damn good show.

Against The Current's new record "Past Lives" is out now! Get your bundle right here.

​Written by Meg Campbell
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
28-09-2018 7 mins read
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