Rise Up Tour Featuring Memphis May Fire, Silverstein & More @ The Waterfront, Norwich


The UK leg of the Rise Up Tour kicked off massively, with the first gig up in Norwich, playing a smallish venue called The Waterfront. The venue filled up fast, with everyone excited to see the amazing metal core line up that was about to play before them.

First up was Like Moths To Flames, who kicked off the show with classic metalcore and really warmed up the crowd for an insane line up.

The next spots on the stage belonged to Silverstein and The Devil Wears Prada, who both brought their own unique metal style with them across the world. While singer Shane Todd of Silverstein chatted happily away to the crowd throughout the set about British beer being better during this visit to the UK and Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada encouraging the crowd to join in with his energetic, loud style, the atmosphere for this concert was the friendliest and most casual concert I have ever seen. It really shows how much music can bring people together.

Headliners, Memphis May Fire, were up next, starting their set off with some brand new songs from their latest album, This Light I Hold. The new songs were getting just as much love and attention from the crowd as the older songs. The stand out song from this set however, being an oldie, was Miles Away. The band slowed down their set for a bit so that singer Matty Mullins could show the crowd the worst part of touring, missing his wife, in the most emotional and powerful way he could. The emotion thick in his voice, while he sung. The band closed the set with more older songs. Ending with classics, The Sinner and Vices, then coming back on for encore, Legacy. All of which ended the set on a huge high as these classic Memphis May Fire anthems were screamed out by every member of the crowd. The crowd may not have ben the biggest but their passion and love for the bands was huge and was clearly shown by the way they all joined in with Matty Mullins and the rest of the band for the encore.

Written & Photos by Hannah Smith
Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
12-12-2016 3 mins read
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