ROCK AM RING - Underoath Shatter Main Stage On Sunday Afternoon

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Rock Am Ring, one of Germany's biggest festivals was held this weekend and we are so happy to have been present. The festival welcomed the likes of The 1975, Bring Me The Horizon, IDKHOW, Against The Current and many, many more. Rock Am Ring is held at the Nurburgring, a Formula 1 race track.

The location, as well as the team behind the festival, is impeccable and it is safe to say this year was a great success. We have seen performances of the greatest rock and metal acts throughout the weekend and will share our findings as well as the photos we took from each band.

Underoath are back and stronger than ever. Last year, the band made their strong return with the album 'Erase Me' with a refreshing new look and a new label: Fearless Records. With the incredible new record, the band have taken the new music on the road more than once and are in Europe again for the summer, playing club shows and festival appearances across the continent.

On Saturday, it was up to Underoath to start the festival on the main stage Volcano to get the festival crowd warmed up for the rest of the day and that is exactly what they did. Kicking off their set with the energetic 'On My Teeth' from the new record, Underoath did what they do in front of a few thousand early birds.

With relentless force and an undying passion for the music, the band performed their old singles like 'Writing On The Walls', but also the songs from the new album 'Erase Me'. Underoath made a strong comeback and their spot on the main stage proves it.

Check out Eva van Kuik her photos in the gallery below.

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