Twenty One Pilots Are Premiering A New Track Soon [UPDATED]


UPDATE: We've reached out to the radiostation in question (THIS ONE), who have had the biggest alternative artists at their station in the past (Panic! At The Disco, Blink-182 & more). They have confirmed that a new Twenty One Pilots track is coming and will reach out again once they have a confirmed date!

First of all, we'd like to assure everyone that this is no way verified. We've reached out to the parties involved and will be back with more information soon.

Until then, here's what we know: A radio station mentioned on their dayshow that a new Twenty One Pilots track was going to be premiered early this year, meaning that it could even appear later this month. A fan heard this on the radio and was sceptical at first, after which she reached out to the radiostation in question to verify what she thought she heard.

The radiostation responded, confirming that what she heard was right, and that Twenty One Pilots are in fact coming with a new track soon.

Once we have any confirmation or updates, we'll post it right in this article, so keep your eyes open for any updates!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
30-01-2018 2 mins read
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