'Scream' Directors & Cast Want Sixth Movie


Yes, we know, Scream (5) has been out for just one week, but there is already talk about adding even a sixth instalment to the movie franchise.

The popular horror film dethroned Spider-Man: No Way Home with its opening weekend of $30.6 million in the US box office.

According to Variety,Scream directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett revealed that they are definitely in for another movie:

"The whole experience has been such like a family experience, with the cast, with the crew, with the producers. Not to be corny, but it’s been a love fest, and I think we’d be crazy not to want to continue it."

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Meanwhile, Scream star Neve Campbell told ScreenRant:

"It would seem there's always more stories to be told in Woodsboro and there is a taste for it. So, I think, if people love this one, I would imagine there will be an appetite and we, of course, would all love to be a part of it."

Would you be in for another Ghostface movie? Let us know!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
21-01-2022 2 mins read
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