Set It Off Join Fearless Records, Release New Single


Written by Abigail Russell
Set It Off have been busy- they've officially signed on with Fearless Records, as well as dropping a new single with a music video!
Fearless Records had given some indication that things were happening that would expand their musical family in a big way.

​Lead singer Cody Carson put the news out on his personal Twitter at the same time as the official band announcement, expressing his excitement.

Set It Off’s new single is called “Killer In The Mirror.”  The blue-tinted music video adds a little edge to this upbeat synthesized bop.  The song is tight, and Cody’s clear vocals slide right into place with the fast-paced instrumental riffs.  

A steady stream of mini-videos with cool-colored cinematography had been appearing on the Set It Off’s Twitter account for quite a while, so the color scheme should come as no surprise to close followers of the band.  

Despite receiving those little hints, the release took many fans by surprise.  However, their enthusiastic reception more than made up for any missed anticipation.

Overall, it would seem that Set It Off has made a strong start with their new label.  

What do you think of “Killer In The Mirror”?  Have you seen the video yet? (If not, check it out below.)  Let us know what you think!
Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
24-07-2018 3 mins read
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