Shadow of Whales, Those Damn Eyes, Coopertheband, And Calamity The Kid Release New Music Videos

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Shadow of Whales is an indie-pop band from Austin, Texas consisting of Joshua Flores, Caleb Flores, Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, and JD Vazquez. With their new single “Runaway”, these five musicians wanted to create a rebel anthem for this generation’s fight for individual freedom.

Check out their video for "Runaway" below:
Those Damn Eyes are a heavy rock/pop band from Austin Texas consisting of Meredith Williams, Graham Goetz, Jake Rabin, and Daniel Corder. This track teaches their fans to never double cross the likes of Meredith Williams and the TDE crew. Because let's face it, she's a bad-ass vocally and lyrically with her vengeful lyrics in "Give and Take."

Check out their video for "Give and Take" below:
Coopertheband is an indie-folk rock band from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of what they call “six massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and twelve hot feet.” Those six members are Cooper Brown, Phoebe Scott, Will Kwasigroh, Matt Hammonds, Joseph Kyle, and Patricia Taylor.

Check out their video for "Rebels" below:
Calamity the Kid is a heavy pop/rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Sam Doniger, Jack Gallagher, and Ben Zelico. Their tasteful blend of 90’s garage rock and modern indie music makes for an interesting single that's supposed to relate to a millennial's mind.

Check out their video for "American Muscle" below:
By: Melanie Gomez
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