Silverstein – Ghost (Track of the Day, March 16th)


If you are a fan of Silverstein (and preferably live in or around Germany), today’s good news call for a celebration: Earlier today, the band announced their very special “For The Fans” tour, supported by Trash Boat, presented by Impericon, Fuze, MoreCore and us, Strife Magazine. And when they say “for the fans”, they mean it!

First of all, unlike their latest tours, this one consists of intimate club shows meaning you will be as close the band as somehow possible. Plus the setlist brought to you by Silverstein will be completely unique for each show, tailored by what you, the fans, vote for online. Moreover, there is a ticket that combines the three shows in each different area of Germany (aka North Germany, South Germany… you get the point) and provides you with an additional acoustic session and meet & greet!

If any of you are still uncertain or even reluctant to go after all of that, let’s just dive back into Silverstein’s latest release and remind you of what you would be missing out on: Their single “Ghost”, that was released last year, should speak for itself, really.

Dealing with the feeling of being deceived by someone and parting ways with them on bad terms, but still being unable to move on from both the person and the experience, the track relies on both clean and unclean powerful verses as well as a catchy, yet no less powerful chorus. The result is, as per usual a mix in between genres in form of an amazing track, one of the many you will have the chance to see live this fall!

If you are planning to go, keep an eye out for the ticket sales starting on Monday, March 20th at 10am.

And either way, we’d advise you to check out “Ghost” by Silverstein below!

Written by Theresa Theuerkauf
Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
16-03-2017 2 mins read
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