Some Of The Best Albums 2018 Has Given Us (Part 1)


2018 has been an incredible year for music, in which we saw many, many releases across the spectrum, as well as saw the genre barrier break down even more than previous years. From where we are standing, elitism when it comes to music is very difficult to spot, and we are absolutely here for that!

Throughout the year, there have been so many incredible albums that we've been streaming and buying. Here are a few of the records that totally made our 2018 worth the trouble!

Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked

Panic! At The Disco are on a roll, and their latest release "Pray For The Wicked" have taken the band surrounding Brendon Urie to even higher heights than before. The album features the single "High Hopes", which is now officially the biggest single the band have ever had, surpassing the previously most popular track "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". The track has broken records left and right, and Panic! At The Disco's live shows have never been so huge as they are now. In its entirely, "Pray For The Wicked" is an incredible record that celebrates life, and we have given the piece more spins than we could possibly count!

Three Days Grace - Outsider

The year kicked off properly with the highly anticipated new album from rock giants Three Days Grace. It's the second album the band released with their energetic new frontman Matt Walst and it did not disappoint. While the album doesn't do great on streaming services in comparison to older records, Three Days Grace have succeeded in maintaining and even expanding their fanbase, even with the departing from the previous popular singer. The album has some powerful tracks, including the singles "The Mountain" and "I Am An Outsider", not to mention the most popular track off of the album "Infra-Red".
Three Days Grace had an incredible yet exhausting year, as the album release was followed by a ruthless touring schedule, with shows selling out all over the globe.

Rivals - Damned Soul

Back in 2016 we shared a very energetic cover of Twenty One Pilots' new track (at the time) "Heathens" by a band called RVLS, which was followed by a small interview with the band. We fell in love with the band's sound, and we very pleasantly surprised when they changed their name to Rivals and released their first new single since "Heathens" - "Low".
​It sure felt like Rivals have found their sound with their full-length release "Damned Soul", which has opened doors for the musicians beyond their wildest dreams. In 2018, Rivals took on the United States of America, playing shows all year long supporting incredible bands like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, with more shows planned supporting the almighty Papa Roach. It's been both a privilege and a pleasure seeing the band grow up to what they are now, with most likely even greater things lined up for the upcoming year.
Stream "Damned Soul" via Spotify below and catch the energetic band on the road somewhere next year!

Sylar - Seasons

When Sylar first announced their signing with Hopeless Records, we were absolutely stoked and excited for the band's future. Sylar have been an incredible band from the start, and backed by such an incredible label could mean wonderful things for the band's future. Sylar released their album "Help!" back in 2016 and got us blown away. When the follow-up to the 2016 release was announced, excitement filled the air. Sylar's "Seasons" once again shows the tremendous talent of this band, the brutal rap and scream vocals of Jayden Panesso, the angelic vocals of Miguel Cardona and the exceptional unique modern metalcore sound that Sylar have mastered with their new release. The band have taken a genre-bending sound to the next level in an industry where this is happening more and more and for that, we feel Sylar's "Seasons" is one of the most important releases of the year.

CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

CHVRCHES have been a name in the electropop genre for a couple of the years now, and have made some new fans among rock and metal fans when they announced a collaboration with Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. This year saw the band's grand return with a whole bunch of new tracks, together being a new record called "Love Is Dead". Boasting a bigger and catchier sound, the album featuring the singles "Get Out" and "Never Say Die" has succesfully taking the band to new heights, with their Spotify top 10 being filled with a lot of the new tracks. CHVRCHES's new album is incredible, as has their tour been. The band have been busy this year, and we for one cannot wait to see what the future holds for the ever-growing phenomenon. Stream "Love Is Dead" below!
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