Updated: Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell Passes Away At The Age Of 52


Last night (May 17) was a sad one for the alternative scene: Chris Cornell passed away at the age of 52. Cornell was the frontman of Soundgarden and later on Audioslave and had played a show in Detroit with Soundgarden hours prior to his passing.

According to his representative Brian Bumbery, Cornell's passing was "sudden and unexpected" to everyone including his wife and close family members and his cause of death is to be determined through medical examination. He also asks for the public to respect the privacy of everyone involved.

Chris Cornell was a talented musician and a big influencer of the 90's Grunge scene as well as the alternative scene in general.

Our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of Chris Cornell. May he rest in peace.

UPDATE: Although it is too early to actually determine a cause of death, the case of Chris Cornell is investigated as a possible suicide by the Detroit Police.

According to Billboard, Director Michael Woody of the Detroit Police Department's media relations made the following statement: "When the units arrived they were met by a gentleman who indicated that Chris Cornell had been found in his room. When officers went to the room they found Chris Cornell laying in his bathroom, unresponsive and he had passed away. We are investigating it as a possible suicide but we need to wait on the medical examiner to determine the cause and manner of death."

UPDATE #2: According to TMZ, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office has now officially classified Cornell's cause of death as "suicide by hanging".

His wife has stated that Chris Cornell has not shown any signs of depression or being suicidal and at the band's show in Detroit hours prior to his passing, the frontman had addressed the band's next show.

The full autopsy report has yet to be completed.
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18-05-2017 2 mins read
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