Suicide Silence's Producer Ross Robinson Responds To Hateful Comments About 'Doris'

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It's no secret that Suicide Silence has received some hateful comments since the release of their leadsingle 'Doris'.
The former deathcore band has chosen a different approach for their upcoming self-titled record.

In several interviews, the band has spoken out about the creative differences on this record in comparison to the previous and debut album with Eddie Hermida on vocals 'You Can't Stop Me'.

It was shared that 'You Can't Stop Me' was in honor of the deceased former frontman Mitch Lucker.
However, with this record their intention is to redefine the band, and move forward with a new sound.
A sound that they feel is music they should be making right now.

The first single from the upcoming record released last week and the hatred has been immense.
On YouTube, the dislike button has been smashed almost twice as much as the like button and the comments can be quite harsh.

Producer Ross Robinson (who's known for his many producing work within the heavy music genres and has previously worked with Korn, Slipknot & many more) has also commented on Suicide Silence's Facebook page, stating that the hatred is 'fkg awesome'.

​His full statement can be read below.
You can also find it here on Facebook if you like.
We exist to irritate or inspire. Everything I've read let's me know we did our job. to be loved is the sellout- you're all being lit by our gasoline and it's glorious! The hatred is fkg awesome, you are feeling something! Step back and take a look at your fire, see what I see in you! Put that fire into your creative and do something completely amazing - I wish I could capture this feeling tngt on tape- super mega inspired to rip- you all are amazin!!!!
Listen to the song in question below!
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