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PHOTO REVIEW: Sum 41 Close "13 Voices" Era With Career-Spanning & Extraordinary Performance

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As Sum 41 close the book on their "13 Voices" chapter, they do one more trek across Europe to perform in front of some massive crowds and play on some of the bigger festivals all over the continent.

Unfortunately, the band didn't perform in The Netherlands, where we usually see artists perform, but for Sum 41, we were more than happy to travel to Germany to see the band's stellar set.

​While Sum 41 played in front of 3.000 fans in The Netherlands last time they came around, in Germany, their presence is even bigger. They played several shows in Germany, but the one we attended in Oberhausen was in a venue that holds 5.000-6.000 people.
​This venue was completely sold out weeks prior to the event.

It's no surprise that Sum 41 shows sell out all over the globe, as the band is a live force to be reckoned with. Armed with three guitarists, including frontman Deryck Whibley, their energetic "new" drummer Frank Zummo and the infamous bassist who doesn't seem to age Cone, Sum 41 are stronger than they have ever been and it shows in their performance.
​Heavy guitars, incredible drums, an ever-improving vocal performance of Deryck Whibley and Cone's iconic moves while playing the bass is what makes a Sum 41 show such an incredible experience and it gets better every year.

The setlist consisted of tracks from the very first record "Half Hour Of Power" all the way to the 2016 effort "13 Voices", proving that Sum 41 are still proud of their discography, old and new. Earlier this year, the band went on a 15 years anniversary tour of the incredible record "Does This Look Infected?", and they took some of the lesser known tracks from this record to the European crowds as well, like "Thanks For Nothing".
​Sum 41's discography is as impressive as their latest stage production, which knows smoke cannons, confetti and a massive blow-up skeleton giving the audience the finger. We feel very fortunate to have witnessed the band's stellar performance in Oberhausen and feel even more fortunate to have been able to photograph the band's entire performance.
We've said it before and we'll say it again, we are so glad Sum 41 are back doing what they do best: making and performing music.

Check out the massive gallery of the band's performance below and make sure to catch Sum 41 on the road starting again next year, as they'll focus on recording a new record for the remainder of the year.
Photos by Eva van Kuik
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