LIVE REVIEW: Sum 41 Play Ecstatic Amsterdam Show With Career-Spanning Set


It was inevitable.. since the comeback of the Canadian rock outfit Sum 41 who have obtained a bit of a legendary status since their big mainstream success with 'In Too Deep' and 'Fat lip', the band have played Europe numerous times, both festivals and club shows. However, all the club shows in The Netherlands were kind of underestimating the power of Sum 41, as all shows were sold-out weeks in advance. This time around however, the band are playing the AFAS Live in Amsterdam. A beautiful venue with an appropriate capacity of 6.000 fans, which wasn't sold-out, but atleast every fan who wanted to grab a ticket for the show had the opportunity to do so!

Sum 41 kicked off their career-spanning set with a brand new track - the opening track of the band's new album 'Order In Decline': 'Turning Away'. Understanding that not all the fans have come out for the band's new music, 'Turning Away' was quickly followed by a fan favourite from back in the days: 'The Hell Song'. Throughout these two songs, the fans were already visibly having a great time. After all, a Sum 41 show is known for its energy in two ways: the levels are high, but they are also mighty positive.

20 years ago this year, Sum 41 released their debut album 'Half Hour of Power'. It is only appropriate that the band played at least one track off of the album that got the ball rolling. This appropriate throwback was found in the single 'Makes No Difference' while the appreciative crowd loudly sang along and kept the moshpit going.

Sum 41 continued to play songs off of their impressive discography, ranging from the early hits such as 'Still Waiting', to the title track of the band's last album before they took a break: 'Screaming Bloody Murder'. The enthusiasm and passion that the band still display after such a long time is palpable and made for an excited crowd.

Besides from an exceptional execution of the songs on the band's expansive discography, Sum 41 also gave it their all production wise. Multiple backdrops, an inflatable devil & skeleton with the Sum 41 salute and steam cannons, which were filled with confetti on a few occasions throughout the show.

This band holds a special place in our collective hearts and you simply cannot leave the venue without a feeling of fulfillment. Check out the photos from the performance in the gallery below and make sure you catch Sum 41 on the road this year!


Sum 41:

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
22-01-2020 3 mins read
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