LIVE REVIEW: Tash Sultana Portrays Raw Talent During Impeccable Show In Amsterdam

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Tash Sultana, the multi instrumentalist who builds her tracks as she is on stage, one instrument at a time returned to The Netherlands for her biggest show in the country yet. In a span of just a few years, Tash Sultana has played bigger and bigger rooms, with the last one being the AFAS LIVE just last year. While the AFAS Live has a capacity of 6.000, she played in Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome this last weekend, which has a capacity of triple the size of the AFAS Live.

While the Ziggo Dome was not entirely filled, it is safe to say that the 6.000 capacity room would have been too small, making it a smart move to play the venue she did. Tash Sultana's show truly is something special for a number of reasons, among which the fact that she is on the stage all by herself. The stage was filled with screens, a lot of instruments, some rugs and incense and that is it. Best of luck entertaining thousands of people all by yourself!

Sultana did this effortlessly it seems, as she took the stage comfortable as can be, and started to play her songs, with lengthy interludes. At some points it was difficult to figure out when one track ended and the other one ended. Tash Sultana did an impeccable job keeping the crowd entertained as she displayed her raw talent to the Dutch fans and continued to do so for nearly two hours.

Tash Sultana's show wasn't so much about the fan favourite songs as much as the shows that we usually go to. Rock bands have the odd one or two songs out that made it big and helped create a global fanbase, but with Tash Sultana it was more about the music itself, the fact that she was building those songs before your very eyes and the vibe that all the fans helped create. It was a celebration of music as a whole, rather than a celebration of a collection of songs from the aforementioned artist. It was an incredibly refreshing experience!

In the first 15 minutes of Sultana's set, she already played a whole bunch of instruments and our photographer Eva van Kuik was there to capture the first minutes of her lengthy set. Her photos can be seen in the gallery below.

Have you ever seen Tash Sultana live? If you ever get the chance to witness her musical talent on a stage, we recommend that you take it. You will not regret it!

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