The 1975 Unveil New Song

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The 1975 have released their latest single 'It's Not Living If It's Not With You' and it is fantastic!

The song was premiered on Annie Mac's BBC Radio One Show in which she titled it the featured 'Hottest Record In The World'. In an interview with Matty Healy during the show he described it as the "The 1975-iest 1975 song since the 1975 debut," which we assume means that it holds some of their core sound and influences in it.

The song does feel like a natural fit in their discography. There's a shiny, twinkly pop feeling which inspired the images of bright colours and glittering lights in my mind. Maybe it's the guitars which climb up scales in that sparkly way, or maybe it's the hit of the drums with a vintage sound calling back to discos and lit up dance floors.

I think that the song is really brought to life with the chorus of voices which sound almost as though they're coming from above you when you listen. There's an embellishment of sounds dropped into the track like tiny stars being dropped into the colourful soundscape they created.  

This track is definitely worth a listen!
​Check it out below.
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