The Actor Who Plays Monty On '13 Reasons Why' Is Getting Death Threats From Fans


Anyone who hasn't seen 13 Reasons Why, season 2 and does not want to read spoilers, stop reading.

(Trigger warning)

13 Reasons Why actor Timothy Granaderos is receiving death threats on his Instagram for his portrayal of Montgomery de la Cruz in season two.

In season 2, he has done some horrible things to the other characters, like breaking in and damaging the Baker's pharmacy, sending a gun and a bullet to Alex Standall and tried to run Clay off the road. 

At the end of the season and in one of the most awful scenes of the entire show, he beats up Tyler and rapes him with the end of a mop.

When you read through the comments on Timothy Granaderos' Instagram you can find a lot of messages blaming him for everything he has done in the second season. 

Some of the other cast members of 13 Reasons Why have stood up for him.
Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce Walker, posted a photo of himself with Timothy Granaderos and Ross Butler and captioned it with the hashtag "#timisnotmonty".

Devin Druid, who plays Tyler, also showed him some love.
Check out both of the posts below.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
27-05-2018 4 mins read
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