The Best 5 Albums Of 2017 According To Singer/Songwriter Natalie Claro


Everyone has their own personal list of best records of the year, and that of course also includes artists. For this year, we teamed up with one of our absolute favourite artists Natalie Claro to get to know which albums have made her year a great year in music. His top 5 is as surprising as it awesome. Here's what she had to share:

"I'm very proud of this list considering how talented, unique, and creative all of the following artists are. 2017 was a great year for music, so here are my Top 5 albums of this year!" - Natalie Claro

#5 - Melodrama by Lorde

Lorde is just one of a kind. I love the focus on her raspy and super moody vocals on this album. It has everything from a party all the way to catching you in the feels with it's lyricism. 

#4 - SWIM TEAM by Dirty Heads
The Dirty Heads have NEVER let me down with new releases. Ever. This album (especially with songs like Vacation) seriously put me in the best possible mood. This album is the definition of "YAY".

#3 - SYRE by Jaden Smith
I honestly don't know what I expected from this album, but it blew me a thousand miles away. I know he isn't the first artist to connect tracks back to back, one flowing directly into the next (Linkin Park for example has done this), but it's so uncommon and interesting that we just have to appreciate it. Honestly thank god for this album because I don't know how much more of mainstream trap I could take. I kept having to pull up some Odd Future, Drake, and Gambino in order to get myself through it... but thank you Jaden for bringing some more of this kind of soul to the genre.

#2 - Unpeeled by Cage The Elephant
So I understand this is kind of cheating considering this entire album consists of acoustic and stripped-down versions of previously released music but, come on, it's Cage The Elephant. They can be on every annual list for the next decade for all I care, they deserve it. And plus, I really liked hearing a new version of Take It Or Leave It. Their music is great because every time I hear it, I flash back to seeing them live and how much of an experience it was. I can literally see them without seeing them just from their sound.

#1 - After Laughter by Paramore
I'M SO HAPPY THIS ALBUM EXISTS! My favorite thing in the world is artists diverging into new sounds and genres. Rock going pop, pop going country, Rap going R&B, do whatever you feel. Music is about your current life. I'm so glad Hayley got to put so many vulnerable emotions on the line while experimenting with new styles. Fake Happy is my favorite so far. 10/10.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
31-12-2017 3 mins read
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