The Dead Daisies Release Music Video for “Dead and Gone”


If you're into 70’s and early 80’s rock n' roll, then you're going to love The Dead Daisies! With their latest single, “Dead and Gone,” this Australian-American band is proving to the world that rock music IS NOT dead.

The band consists of the finest rockers on the planet, such as Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English) and David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink).

According to John Corabi, "“Dead And Gone" is one of those tracks that must be played LOUD!!! It’s got a great groove, and it’s basically about living life, (responsibly) having fun, and not letting ANYBODY judge you for wanting to have a great time!!!!”
Also, if you're into zombies, you're going to love the music video for "Dead and Gone." But you're going to have to watch it for yourself to see why. ;)

The Dead Daisies clearly don't believe in breaks either. After all, who would want to take a break from rock n' roll!? (Unless it was needed of course.) They're currently touring, which includes a bunch of European headline shows and festivals with KISS, Joe Satriani, The Scorpions and Guns n Roses. Then in August, the band returns to North America to tour for a month. Check out their tour dates HERE:

Check out the video for "Dead and Gone" below:
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