The Ghost Inside Get Together For First Band Practice Since The Accident


The Ghost Inside have shared yet another progress!

Still recovering from a bus accident back in 2015, The Ghost Inside have been updating us with more and more good news lately.

After the first time of them getting together and hanging out as a band again, they have also had their first band practice since the accident!

The practice took place on April 17, and of course The Ghost Inside decided to share some of it with their supportive fan base by sharing a livestream of them setting up the rehearsal space.

Although they did not share any footage of the actual rehearsal, because according to bassist Jim Riley "Lord only knows what it's going to sound like", guitarist Zach Johnson posted about it on Twitter afterwards.

Among the photo of their rehearsal space, he wrote:

"After 2+ years, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us. We love you."

What heartwarming news, don't you agree? 

You can check out the band's livestream from before the rehearsal below!

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
18-04-2018 2 mins read
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