The Mirage Theory Release Music Video for "Leaving Our Hearts & Minds"


The Mirage Theory is a progressive metalcore band from Puerto Rico consisting of César Adames, Jon-Emile Viguié, Jose Escudero, Davier Pérez, Israel Romero, and Eddie Meléndez.

​After years of developing their sound, this band realized that their vision was going to be limited by our location and in order to grow they needed to move away from their island.

"We had the chance to tour the United States and as we visited many of its cities," says Davier. "We weighed our options and realized that California had the music culture, weather, and ideal opportunities for the growth of the band. We decided to follow in the footsteps of other successful artist to move towards Los Angeles."
Moving to the US with a one-way ticket and starting from scratch was definitely a challenge for these six guys, but totally worth. Since coming here, the band has done nothing but put hard work and dedication into their music. Their journey is even inspired their latest song, "Leaving Our Hearts & Minds," with lyrics such as, "Under a hail of consciousness / My life will start to change / I still believe that my life will start to change / How simple is it really, to leave and not return?"

In the music video for "Leaving Our Hearts & Minds," viewers get an inside look at just how much work The Mirage Theory have been putting into their goals and dreams and how connected they truly are to their fans. One of the parts that we love about this music video is that they included a few seconds of audio of their trip from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles in the beginning. That alone made us feel extremely connected to their journey. Why? Because to some people that voice may just be an announcement, but for this band, it was a sign of their life changing.

Between singing up close and personal to their audience, signing an autograph for a fan and writing, "It's good to be home!", and fans chanting "One more song!", there's no denying that this band has a huge family backing them up every step of the way of their incredible expedition.

If you love bands like Between the Buried and Me, August Burns Red, Periphery, Born Of Osiris, and The Black Dahlia Murder, you may love The Mirage Theory!

Check out The Mirage Theory's video for "Leaving Our Hearts & Minds" below:
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You can also check out the band's ​debut EP, Origins, on iTunesSpotify, and Amazon.

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Written by: Melanie Gomez
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
30-04-2018 5 mins read
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