The Senior Vice President Of The Grammy's Speaks Out About Beyonce's 'Best Rock Performance' Nomination

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Not too long ago, the Grammy Award nominees were announced.
The Grammy Awards are massive and there are many categories in place.
Among the nominees are Twenty One Pilots and Disturbed, but of course also big pop names such as Adele, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé.

We'd like to talk to you about that last one: Beyoncé.

Not only is she in the running for a fair share of awards, she's also in the running for the Grammy Award 'Best Rock Performance'.

This doesn't sit well with a lot of people, as Beyoncé isn't necessarily labeled as a rock artist.
The other nominees for this award are:

Disturbed with their performance of 'The Sound of Silence' live on Conan
Alabama Shakes with their live performance of 'Joe' at Austin City Limits
David Bowie with 'Blackstar'
Twenty One Pilots with their Suicide Squad soundtrack 'Heathens' 

Beyoncé is competing with her track 'Don't Hurt Yourself', featuring Jack White.

Disturbed shared a few days ago that they are not really into it either, and state that when Beyoncé and Disturbed are both nominated for the same award, 'something must've gone wrong'.

They do clarify that they have nothing against her or her music. It's just that the two are really different kinds of artists who play different types of music!

Since this nomination is one of the most outspoken topics on the internet, the Senior Vice President of the Grammy Awards has spoken out about why Beyoncé has been nominated for this Grammy.

He did this in an interview with Metal Injection.

Here's what he has to say:
When you exclude metal, the rock category is one of our biggest umbrellasNot quite as broad as pop, but maybe next up. I think what we found this year is that so many artists that were in rock or adjacent to rock were taking more sonic risks this year than ever before. It made for a really exciting dynamic landscape.
That recording has Jack White in it and it has Led Zeppelin samples in it. I think it’s Beyonce really stretching. It’s an artist at the height of her music powers, really reaching in different directions, and we’re all the better for it.
What do you think about Beyoncé being nominated for the award for 'Best Rock Performance'.
Is there any band/artist you would've loved to see on the list?

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