The Soundtrack For "Us" Has 35 Tracks That Will Give You Nightmares

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Jordan Peele's new movie "Us" will see its theatrical premiere on the 22nd of March, but before the release of the movie, the soundtrack will be released via Back Lot Music.

The soundtrack for the movie has a total of 35 tracks and will be released on the 15th of March. Most songs on the tracklisting for the movie have been composed by Michael Abels, including the music used in the first trailer for the movie, which was a hot topic all over the internet when it released.

The tracklisting for the soundtrack can be found below. Let us know on social media if you are planning on watching the movie in the theaters when it's released! 

01 Michael Abels: “Anthem”
02 Janelle Monáe: “I Like That”
03 Michael Abels: “Outernet”
04 Michael Abels: “Spider”
05 Michael Abels: “Ballet Memory”
06 Luniz: “I Got 5 on It” [ft. Michael Marshall]
07 Michael Abels: “Beach Walk”
08 Michael Abels: “First Man Standing”
09 Michael Abels: “Back to the House”
10 Michael Abels: “Keep You Safe”
11 Michael Abels: “Don’t Feel Like Myself”
12 Michael Abels: “She Tried to Kill Me”
13 Michael Abels: “Boogieman’s Family”
14 Michael Abels: “Home Invasion”
15 Michael Abels: “Once Upon a Time”
16 Michael Abels: “Run”
17 Michael Abels: “Into the Water”
18 Michael Abels: “Spark in the Closet”
19 Michael Abels: “Escape to the Boast”
20 Michael Abels: “Femme Fatale”
21 Michael Abels: “Silent Scream”
22 Michael Abels: “News Report”
23 Michael Abels: “Zora Drives”
24 Michael Abels: “Death of Umbrae”
25 Michael Abels: “Somber Ride”
26 Michael Abels: “Immolation”
27 Michael Abels: “Down the Rabbit Hole”
28 Michael Abels: “Performance Art”
29 Michael Abels: “Human”
30 Michael Abels: “Battle Plan”
31 Michael Abels: “Pas de Deux”
32 Michael Abels: “They Can’t Hurt You”
33 Michael Abels: “Finale”
34 Minnie Riperton: “Les Fleur”
35 Luniz: “I Got 5 on It (Tethered Mix From US)” [ft. Michael Marshall] (Bonus Track)
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