The Title For The New Panic! At The Disco Track Has Been Leaked


Earlier this week, an... interesting series of posts on Brendon Urie's Instagram story featuring some orchestral tunes lead us to believe that there is a new Panic! At The Disco song coming on Monday, March 19.

So far so good, however there's more news to add regarding the subject!

When asked about the background music on Twitter, orchestrator Rob Mathes revealed that the orchestral track is in fact for a new Panic! At The Disco song called "King Of The Clouds", which, so he shared, is a "fantastic" song by the way.

We're pretty sure he wasn't supposed to reveal that information just yet, but honestly, we're even more excited now! 
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
10-03-2018 1 min read
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