These Are The Things Mike Shinoda Has Done Creatively Since The Passing Of Chester Bennington


Mike Shinoda recently teamed up with fans in Hollywood for a music video and shared that he is playing around with ideas for a solo album. This album won't consist of just rap tracks, as Shinoda's solo music has consisted of in the past. He even played one of the new tracks for the group of fans who joined him in Hollywood.

He'll be taking his solo project on the road, as fans are still picking where they want to see Linkin Park's Shinoda on his upcoming tour. Shinoda is very active creatively nowadays, but of course it took some time before Mike Shinoda was active again after the tragic passing of Chester Bennington.

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Mike Shinoda shared a bit about the process of getting back into his creative space. Here's what he shared:

“A week after Chester passed, the idea of the studio was scary. And it wasn’t just the idea of attempting to make a song and being overwhelmed by those memories. There’s another layer of fear for artists in this situation that is, ‘What if I can’t make anything good [without that person]?’ Those hurdles start to accumulate, whether that’s fear or depression or the chaos of the outside world, it creates an echo chamber of anxiety.”

Shinoda decided to make music, regardless of the quality, and shared that he made some bad grunge and bad rap songs in the process. He created this music with the sole purpose of diving into the ideas that were already in his head. He doesn't have any intention of releasing any of this material. 

At the Chester Bennington tribute show back in October, Mike Shinoda performed a draft version of a track called "Looking For An Answer", confirming that back then he was already playing around with new music. Before taking the stage this day, Mike Shinoda was working on his solo track "Over Again". The tribute show is even being discussed in the first verse of the track. 

In case you're not familiar yet with Mike Shinoda's "Post Traumatic" EP, check out the music video for the track "Over Again" below and share if you're excited for new solo music from the talented musician.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
24-03-2018 3 mins read
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