Tom DeLonge Shares Desire To Rejoin Blink-182 In The Future


Tom DeLonge is currently keeping busy with his company To The Stars, as well as new music recently released with his band Angels & Airwaves, but in a recent interview with Kerrang!, DeLonge shared that in the future, he does have a desire to rejoin the band where it all started: Blink-182. In said interview, DeLonge shared the following:

“I get it—trust me, I love blink and it’s given me everything in my life. And, you know, I plan on doing it in the future. But right now there’s just no way—I have way too much going on because Angels & Airwaves is a part of To The Stars, and that’s why it works.”

In addition, DeLonge shares he feels as if the fans are understanding what it is that DeLonge is doing.

“Breadcrumbs and baby steps got me here, and even when I left blink the first time, I dealt with a lot of losing my identity and people being angry with me. I had to rebuild who I am and what I want to do with my life, and the world didn’t support it, really. I understand why, but then over time, they started to understand who I am and why I need to do the things I do. They go, ‘Okay, this guy is really into these big concepts and this anthemic, triumphant music,’ and all that shit, and then they see me go and start my company and they go, ‘Holy shit, he’s really into space and these themes.’ And I think what’s happened now is people are realizing that I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m going after, I know how to do it, and it’s going to be wonderful when it all comes together.”

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DeLonge goes on to share he's excited for the guys in Blink and the direction they are taking with the new music, as well as Mark Hoppus' new band Simple Creatures with All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth.

Stream Angels & Airwaves brand new single "Rebel Girl" below and let us know if you are excited for Angels & Airwaves and Blink-182's upcoming new music via social media!

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
18-05-2019 3 mins read
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