Twenty One Pilots Announce New Album, Reveal Release Date


UPDATE: Some fans are skeptical of the poster and the upcoming album, given that looks an awful lot like DEMA propaganda. Not to mention that the livestream experience is promoted on a television, and the album 'Blurryface' has a song titled 'We Don't Believe What's On TV'.

Nevertheless, the other side could be that the band are currently back in DEMA, and eventhough it is propaganda, doesn't mean that the story doesn't continue this way. Hopefully we'll found out soon enough!


Or perhaps, the better title would be DEMA announce Twenty One Pilots' new album?

The new Twenty One Pilots album has been announced and the release date has been revealed!

On the 21st of May, Twenty One Pilots will be releasing their new album 'Scaled And Icy'. On the same day, a livestream concert will be taking place.

Are you excited for the new Twenty One Pilots album? Let us know via social media!

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![twenty-one-pilots-dema](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/05/twenty-one-pilots-dema.jpg) ![twenty-one-pilots-dema-2](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/05/twenty-one-pilots-dema-2.jpg) ![twenty-one-pilots-dema-3](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/05/twenty-one-pilots-dema-3.jpg)
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
05-04-2021 2 mins read
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