Twenty One Pilots, Blink-182 & More Are Among The Top 50 Money Makers In Music Of 2016


Billboard have revealed the top 50 money makers in the music industry in 2016 and the list is packed with metal and rock acts!

The number 2. moneymaker of 2016 was Guns 'N Roses with their massive touring around the U.S. last year. which earned them 40.4 million dollar. Including publishing, sales and streams, Guns 'N Roses have a grand total of 42.3M

Twenty One Pilots did very well aswell! The duo is on the 13th spot with a grand total of 21.1 million. They've done very well on all aspects. Sales wise, Twenty One Pilots sold for a total of 3.2 million. From streaming, Twenty One Pilots received 6.1 million. Their massive 'Emotional Roadshow' boosted them up with 6 million & their publishing with another 5,7 million. 

Metallica are 15th on the list with a grand total of 18.5 million, with 11.5 million being sales due to the new album 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct'.

Blink-182 are also on the list, on number 30 with a total of 12,19 million, with 9 million due to touring.

Black Sabbath, Maroon 5 and many more are also featured on the list.
​Check Billboard's top 50 money makers list right here.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
19-07-2017 2 mins read
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