Twenty One Pilots' "Blurryface" First Album In Digital Era With All Tracks RIAA Gold Certified

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Massive congratulations for Twenty One Pilots on reaching yet another iconic milestone with their album "Blurryface". Ever since the release of the record, Twenty One Pilots have broken records, reached milestones and won awards left and right and eventhough the record was released in 2015, the milestones and certifications keep coming in!

It's just been revealed that EVERY track on "Blurryface" now has a RIAA certification, which includes multiple multi-platinum certifications. The album itself is triple platinum certified (3.000.000 streams) and all the individual certifications can be checked out below.

"Blurryface" is the first record to have received RIAA certifications on ALL tracks on the record!

Once again, massive congratulations to Twenty One Pilots and their fanbase. The Clique rules!

01) heavydirtysoul - Platinum
02) Stressed Out - 7x Multi-platinum
03) Ride - 4x Multi-platinum
04) Fairly Local - Platinum
05) Tear In My Heart - 2x Multi-platinum
06) Lane Boy - Platinum
07) The Judge - Gold
08) Doubt - Gold
09) Polarize - Gold
10) We Don't Believe What's On TV - Gold
11) Message Man - Gold
12) Hometown - Gold
13) Not Today - Gold
14) Goner - Gold
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