Twenty One Pilots Reveal Whether They Will Be Taking Another 'Break' Anytime Soon


Twenty One Pilots have shared in a recent interview whether they will be going "off the grid" again anytime soon.

This weekend, they played at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas in Anaheim, California and had a talk with KROQ about their future record(s) and whether they will be taking a hiatus again.

Josh Dun said the following:

“I think completely going off the grid was tough for both of us. I don’t know if it would be that. We’re both wired to always be wanting to do something that pushes us forward.”

They also talked about how the band feels about touring and not touring:

“When we first started, when we had shows ahead on the calendar, we were like ‘Cool, the band’s moving forward because we’re playing shows. So there is kind of a bittersweet thing when you go home. Now we’ve been on the road for a long time, and there’s still this psychological thing where if we’re not on the road, no one is listening to our band.”

Tyler Joseph added:

“Just being conditioned from the beginning, Josh and I have each had nightmares where we play a show and no one’s there, and we’ve actually done that before.

To travel the world now and be in a position where we know people are going to be there, we know people are going to show up is really special, it’s something we don’t take for granted.”

Are you relieved that the duo won't be taking another hiatus? Let us know!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
09-12-2019 2 mins read
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