Twenty One Pilots Discuss The Possibility Of Adding A Member


Twenty One Pilots hosted a press conference in St. Louis yesterday and answered some questions from fans.

One of those questions was “Do you ever find it restricting to be a two-man band when playing live shows, and have you ever thought of adding additional members for live tours to play other instruments – sort of like a Nine Inch Nails approach?”

Their answer to that was quite compelling:

“There’s something very easy, logistically, about it being a two-person band. Still today, but also even more so when you first start out. When someone’s late to band practice, it’s only one other guy – so you only have to have one conversation! I’ve always talked about some of the negatives, or… like, a lot of bands huddle before a show to fire up, but for us it’s really just an animated hug for us, I guess. It’s just two of us.

And then, a few other things: we never want to be too comfortable onstage; we never want to feel like, ‘Oh, I’ve been here before and this is very easy.’ And there’s something about adding members that feels like it’d be solving a problem. Having that struggle every night… kind of helps to motivate. All of that being said, I think it’s really special when a group of people are on the same page, musically, and I think it’s something that obviously we get a bit out of just playing with each other, but the more you add it can be quite magical as well.

I would never rule it out entirely, but for right now we like the challenge.”

​Check out the full video below, the question is asked at 13:33.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
10-11-2018 2 mins read
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