WATCH: Twenty One Pilots Just Released A Brand New Song With Music Video

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Twenty One Pilots just released the third music video from their upcoming album "Trench," and we more psyched than ever for this new era of music.

Their song "Levitate" was leaked early this morning, so fans knew to be on the lookout for something coming. The video was released not long afterwards and is the third part of the series telling the story of Tyler and Josh's escape attempts from Dema.

The song itself is an intense piece filled with tight synths which rise in pitch and give the feeling of levitation throughout the track. The track is held together by the quick, emotive rap spilling from Tyler's lips and Josh Dun's impeccable drumming which captures the dark mood, driving the song and the story forward. The duo's basic elements create a powerful this on which they added embellishments to set the dramatic, dystopian atmosphere on which they laid their scene.

Check it out for yourself below, and let the theories begin!
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