Twenty One Pilots' Level Of Concern Scavenger Hunt Big Finale Planned Monday Night


Twenty One Pilots are back to their own selves and sent their fans on a scavenger hunt last Friday, the 12th of June.

It all started with a live stream with the text LOC-061-220-2012P, announcing that something was going to happen at 12PM on the 12th of June.

When the live stream started, fans were sent all over the internet trying to find codes which would then unlock new levels and media.

For a full summary of the levels and codes and media, take a look at @top__today on Twitter.

Twenty One Pilots themselves also posted the video for those who missed the live stream, so you can check out the beginning of the game.

The last level is going to happen on Monday, the 15th of June, at 12PM, as Twitter account @DiscordClique has found when they translated the last braille message of the band:

"well done. the hive mind is very powerful. unfortunately, the last puzzle is the hardest. and leads to something special. you might want to keep the final code to yourself. please come back on 6.15.2020 at 12pm est and begin the final journey. thank you for your participation... good luck."

Check out the video below and let us know if you are going to finish the scavenger hunt on Monday!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
14-06-2020 2 mins read
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