Twenty One Pilots & Mutemath Remixes Have Released


Just days ago, social media was abuzz with what was going on in Twenty One Pilots land, courtesy of a cryptic Instagram photo & caption of Tyler Joseph, and the Blurryface Twitter account posting.

We made the calculated guess with the 5 tracks listed, the "NEW TAKE" comment by Blurryface, as well as recording databases that this would be a collaboration with Mutemath. And we were right, as confirmed by both Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath on social media.

The remixes are:
* Heathens
* Heavydirtysoul
* Ride
* Tear In My Heart
* Lane Boy

The promotional video shared on the "TOPxMM" project gave us the time of 6pm EST today, with the release of the video. So members of the clique sat and waited, possibly hitting refresh on the website times infinity (I definitely didn't do that - just saying) until the moment had arrived.

I loved every minute of it: Tyler's dancing, Josh's drum battle with Darren King, hearing the songs with new influences by Mutemath along with the two talented boys we know and love - it's all so RIGHT, and Blurryface was so wrong. Written by Kel Burch
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
19-12-2016 2 mins read
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