Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco & More Among Most Listened To Artists Of 2016


Alternative, rock and metal music is on the rise and continues to be.

This becomes even more clear when you take a look at this year's list of most streamed artists on Spotify.
Especially the 'Emo' and 'Alternative' genres are making major waves and are getting very close to mainstream.

For example, Panic! At The Disco are currently being streamed by over 5.000.000 users per month.
They've also been rewarded with the title 'Top Artist By Genre: Emo'.

Fall Out Boy are even above that, with an average of 6.300.000 listeners per month.
Unfortunately, Fall Out Boy haven't won any title via Spotify this year, but it goes without saying that having an average of 6.3 million listeners on a monthly basis without releasing a new album is impressive.

Of course, Twenty One Pilots are topping this chart with a booming 22.200.000 listeners per month.
This is exactly why they're in several charts:
Twenty One Pilots are number 4 in the 'top five artists for 2016'
Twenty One Pilots are number 3 in the 'Most Streamed Male Artists' 
Twenty One Pilots are number 4 in the 'Most Streamed Albums' with their latest album 'Blurryface'.

Rock has done quite well this year, with massive releases coming from Red Hot Chili Peppers (current on 10.300.000 listeners per month), the birth of supergroup Prophets of Rage and Papa Roach's return with massive single 'Crooked Teeth'.
The 'Top Artist By Genre: Rock' goes to Red Hot Chili Peppers this year.

It goes without saying that 'Top Artist By Genre: Metal' goes to Metallica who made a glorious return with their massive new album 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct'.

2016 has been a massive year for alternative music, and we'll definitely be recapping this year in excruciating detail.
​Which release of this year has been your favourite?
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
02-12-2016 2 mins read
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