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Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco & More Bands Are Among Tumblr's Top Bands Of The Year

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
05-12-2017 2 mins read


Just like last year, Tumblr have worked together with Fandometrics to see which bands have been most popular on Tumblr the last 12 months.

These most popular artists among Tumblr users are being measured with these four measurements:

1) How many posts were created that contain the tag
2) How many times that tag was searched for
3) How many times a post using that tag was reblogged
4) How many times a post using that tag was liked

The top 30 is absolutely packed with our favourite artists and includes (of course) Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco but also Neck Deep, PVRIS,  Metallica and Tegan & Sara.

Check out the entire list below and share with us which artists you've used on Tumblr.

1. Gorillaz
2. Twenty One Pilots
3. Fifth Harmony
4. One Direction
5. 5 Seconds of Summer
6. Fall Out Boy
7. Little Mix
8. Paramore
9. The 1975
10. My Chemical Romance
11. Linkin Park
12. All Time Low
13. Green Day
14. The Beatles
15. Arctic Monkeys
16. Nirvana
17. Bastille
19. Owl City
20. The Neighbourhood
21. Panic! at the Disco
22. Coldplay
23. Migos
24. Bring Me The Horizon
25. Daft Punk
26. Pink Floyd
27. Metallica
28. Neck Deep
29. Tegan and Sara
30. The Gazette
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