Twenty One Pilots Release New Single 'Level Of Concern'


In not-so Twenty One Pilots fashion, front-man, Tyler Joseph, earlier informed the clique over social media that a new song would be dropping on April 9th. Of course, not abandoning the loved yet despised cryptic nature of the band, a time for its release was never provided.

Well, that song is finally here… and so is the music video!

The track is titled ‘Level of Concern’, and it’s fair to say that the unveiling of new colours with its promotion has gotten some of the fans a little concerned too!

Remember, a portion of the profits made from this song will go towards ‘Crew Nation’, a charity working to maintain the livelihood of those left without jobs and incomes within the music industry. In the words of Tyler, “no one knows when live music will get back on its feet”, so our help is essential. Let’s give back to those who make our lives all that better!

Radiostation KISS 107.1 has shared the backstory behind the brand new single. Tyler's mom was the inspiration behind the song, urging Joseph to write a song for the fans in these uncertain times. The current crisis and his new fatherhood made Tyler Joseph feel helpless. 'Level Of Concern' ends up being a love song for his wife Jenna Joseph, comparing the current state in which we lack control over our lives over the time where Tyler Joseph decided to spent his life with Jenna Joseph and now with their baby, in which he also gave up a good portion of control.

Check out the entire story the radiostation shared right here:

Get streaming, and let us know your thoughts on the track!

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Georgia Haskins Georgia Haskins
09-04-2020 2 mins read
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