Twenty One Pilots Website Dmaorg Back Online, New Era Could Start Soon


This is an ongoing post regarding all the updates on Twenty One Pilots' website DMAORG and the speculations surrounding the band's new era. View this page as a timeline, with the text on top being the most recent update.

UPDATE 9: Some fans are skeptical of the poster and the upcoming album, given t looks an awful lot like DEMA propaganda. Not to mention that the livestream experience is promoted on a television, and the album 'Blurryface' has a song titled 'We Don't Believe What's On TV'.

Nevertheless, the other side could be that the band are currently back in DEMA, and eventhough it is propaganda, doesn't mean that the story doesn't continue this way. Hopefully we'll found out soon enough!

UPDATE 8: It appears that the album release date has been revealed, as found by the Discord Clique. The album and a livestream concert will happen on the 21st of May, 2021.

**UPDATE 7:** The bar on DMAORG has now completely filled, and the website has changed. A new message shows, as can be seen in the tweet below. The infraction number on the bottom is widely believed to mean 'Clancyisdead': **UPDATE 6:** It appears that there's also a website up with the same title as the album title that was revealed by the Blurryface Twitter account. Find the website here: **UPDATE 5:** An hour before the countdown is supposed to end, the Blurryface account has tweeted, supposedly sharing the title of the upcoming Twenty One Pilots album title. More information can be found here **UPDATE 4:** The time is here, the 'terminating files' bar on the DMAORG website has reached full capacity and it has become apparent what the countdown was for: **UPDATE 3:** In the easter weekend, many theories have started flying around as we approach the 100% of the 'terminating files' bar. The time the bar will hit 100% is 21:00 CEST, 20:00 GMT+1, 15:00 ET Time. **UPDATE 2:** According to a clever Discord fan from Twenty One Pilots, the 'terminating files' bar that's currently filling on the DMAORG website should be 100% filled by 3 PM EDT time this coming Monday. Theoretically, the bar at the top of dmaorg should fill on Monday, Apr 5 at 3 PM EDT **UPDATE 1:** Speculations as to what colour(s) the next era will have, have started circling after Discord Clique made yet another discovery on the DMAORG website. An image file was found, with a red line on it. Of course, due to the invertion of the colours, this line comes out blue on the website. You can find the imagery below. **Not inverted:** ![dmaorg-red](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/02/dmaorg-red.jpg) **Inverted:** ![dmaorg-blue](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/02/dmaorg-blue.jpg) Today's a good day for the Twenty One Pilots fandom, as a lot has happened in the last couple of hours. As many of the 'Clique' know, the band have updated their Twitter header every wednesday for the last couple of weeks, each time removing the colour with 21% per week, with the last colour being removed two days ago. Now, it appears that the website, the website that started the 'Trench' era, is back online, and has some new content to show the clever fans who have already figured it out. To start it off, the band have inverted the colours on the website, similar as what they have done to their header on social media. In addition, they are 'terminating files' on the website, which could mean they are starting fresh. It might also be interesting to know that the band's frontman Tyler Joseph has removed the twenty one pilots logo ( I - / ) out of his bio for the first time in 9 years, with the header's colour being removed, two days ago, this also happened on Twitter. Here's what the DMAORG website is currently showing: (Article continues below) ![dmaorg-1](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/02/dmaorg-1.jpg) ![dmaorg-terminating-files](/storage/blog/2/2021/04/02/dmaorg-terminating-files.jpg) Some very clever fans from the Twitter account Discord Clique have already discovered in the code of the website that the 'Terminating files' bar is very slowly, but surely filling. Earlier today, the bar was 0,4% filled according to the code of the website, and currently, that's 'already' on almost 0,8%. This means that we could be looking at a waiting game here. Here's the tweet from Discord Clique regarding the filling bar: More will happen in the near future, as once Twenty One Pilots start unraveling their upcoming plans, fans are very, VERY quickly to catch on. We will keep you updated on this page, so stay tuned!
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02-04-2021 6 mins read
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