Twenty One Pilots Welcome Third Member In The Band


While Twenty One Pilots, currently consisting of Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph, put one quite the show with just the two of them, imagine what they could do when a third member is invited into the band?

The duo has gotten more and more popular ever since the release of their latest album 'Blurryface' and continued to grow on the charts aswell as the venues they play on their tours.

As the Blurryface era comes to a close, the anticipation towards new Twenty One Pilots music is growing with the day and for that exact reason, Twenty One Pilots have revealed they'll be joined in the studio by a new member. This member, who's mainly a guitarist, will be used to accompany Twenty One Pilots' new music with some killer riffs, giving the band a more rock-feel to it.

Twenty One Pilots will hit the studio after their summer plans, consisting of headlining a handful of festivals, aswell as making a stop in their 'hometown' Columbus, for a small tour of 5 different shows, ranging an audience from 300 to 20.000. Once in the studio, they'll be accompanied by their newly added guitarist. He will be an official part of the band and will be involved in the songwriting for upcoming Twenty One Pilots music aswell as play a roll in the band's future shows.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
01-04-2017 2 mins read
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