Tyler Joseph Crowdsurfs At Reading Festival, Loses Shoe & Gets Shirt Ripped To Shreds

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Yesterday was the first day of Reading & Leeds festival.
Twenty One Pilots are on this year's bill and were supposed to play for an hour at Reading fest last night.
Some minor incidents happened throughout the night such as a broken mic, Josh almost fell, it's all minor things that won't make or break a set but then it was time for 'Car Radio'...

This track's live performance is well known for the fact that frontman Tyler Joseph well..climbs something.
In the audience there was a platform on which Joseph always climbs, to continue the last part of the track on there.

That's where problems started.

BBC security wouldn't let him go there, so Joseph had no choice than to crowdsurf there.
We understand that you can get really excited over the fact that your favorite artist is currently surfing over your heads to get somewhere, but the crowd at Reading took this too far.

When Tyler Joseph arrived to the platform two minutes later, he was missing a shoe, his mask and about 75% of his shirt.

It looks like on the video that he tries to continue their set but then says to Josh "Josh that's it, we gotta be done', 'we're twenty one pilots, so are you'.

​​They played for 51 minutes.

Check the crowdsurfing on the video below and let us know what you think of all this.
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