UK Government Launched An Investigation Into The Secondary Ticket Market


A few days ago, United States of America President Obama has signed an act that prohibits everyone from using bots to purchase tickets with the sole purpose of reselling those purchased tickets for massive profit.

Since a few months, You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi has been very busy fighting this exact same phenomena in the UK. He wants the UK to follow in the US' footsteps and take action against corporations that are purchasing tickets instead of fans that are desperate to see their favourite artists live.

The UK government has taken the first step and launched an investigation to see if the secondary ticket market is in breach of the 'Consumer Protection Law'.

The government department Competition and Markets Authority is going to look into this.
They shared the following along with the announcement:

"This follows concerns that people are not getting the full range of information required by law when buying tickets put up for resale.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will specifically look at if information is provided on who the seller is and any connections the seller may have with the platform or event organisers; whether there are any restrictions on the use of resold tickets which could result in the person being denied access to the event; and where a seat is located in the venue.

Andrea Coscelli, CMA Acting Chief Executive, said:
A night out at a concert or a trip to a big match is something that millions of people look forward to. So it’s important they know who they are buying from and whether there are any restrictions that could stop them using the ticket.

We have heard concerns about a lack of transparency over who is buying up tickets from the primary market. We also think that it is essential that those consumers who buy tickets from the secondary market are made aware if there is a risk that they will be turned away at the door.

We have therefore decided to open a sector-wide investigation to ensure that customers are made aware of important information that they are legally entitled to. If we find breaches of consumer law, we will take enforcement action.

Earlier this year, the CMA carried out an initial review of the 4 main secondary ticketing websites to ensure they were complying with undertakings previously given to improve the information provided about tickets advertised on their sites.

This work concluded that one website was not fully complying with their undertaking and the CMA is actively pursuing this to ensure they meet their obligations in full. All other websites have changed their practices in line with their undertakings.

However, the review also revealed wider concerns about information provision and compliance with consumer protection law across the sector as a whole, which has prompted the action launched today. In this enforcement investigation the CMA will consider whether, in its view, both the businesses selling tickets and the secondary ticketing platforms advertising them are failing to provide the full range of information in breach of the law and, if so, take enforcement action.

In addition, the CMA is also working with event organisers to help ensure that any terms used to restrict the resale of their tickets are fair for consumers.

Whilst carrying out its investigation, the CMA will continue to work with consumer enforcement partners to ensure that issues in the sector are tackled in the most effective way."
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
19-12-2016 4 mins read
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